Survey & Audits

Our team are well versed in gathering, analysing and presenting information.

Within the Building Service industry it is often necessary to assess systems, their condition and the operation of systems within a building. Clear and concise building services auditing reports tabling information in “lay-terms” for new and existing properties is typically the most cost effective initial option for clients.

In all sectors, there are requirements to gain information of existing systems from scheduling of equipment or Condition surveys for acquisition purposes and full intrusive inspections for dilapidation / inventory reports through to Asset surveys and Economic Life Cycle / costing reports & surveys to aid and justify capital spending.

It is often the case that where systems begin to deteriorate and perform incorrectly, surveys are required to identify the cause and suggest a cure or solution, along with a summary of cost effective and low carbon alternative options for the future. This is a key position to educate clients of the energy efficiency and payback options for their assets.

In line with legislation, provision of information is necessary and key to the good operation of systems; we are capable of providing clear, logically divided and detailed Operation & Maintenance manuals to support this requirement.