Lighting Design

Illuminating designs can create the right ambiance for any environment.

At Pi, our lighting design consultancy team can provide a solution, whether it is natural, artificial, internal or external to suit.

When starting to consider lighting design, it is important to assess the feel, the activity and the style required. It is often the case that aesthetics of the room or building is a key driver for the lighting design and as such can be highly client and architect driven requiring our specialist input.

Interior lighting is grouped into three categories: general, task and accent which will provide a layered lighting scheme within each area depending on individual preferences. Our experience in residential and commercial lighting design stretches from traditional and contemporary residential designs including alternate lighting scenes, through to office space / foyer and fully automated lighting schemes for larger projects.

It is important to ascertain the correct lighting level to suit the environment considering all elements of the rooms and building, from finishes and textures to the mood or feel, and ensure that the control complexity is equally understood and appreciated by the end users. Because of this we maintain that a staged approval process of specialist lighting designs is endorsed.