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Building Services Design

Our highly qualified and experienced team can provide Building Services design solutions to suit any scope.

Building Services systems are key to how a building operates. They are typically designed to complement the employer’s requirements and internal profiles, to ensure the building functions correctly and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our documentation and robustness of our designs. 


Whilst utilising our in-house experience and the latest design tools, we are able to provide up-to-date Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health design schemes.

We believe in working in tandem with the wider team, lead by either the Client, Architect/PM, or Contractor. This ensures a good understanding of the installation requirements and the operation of systems is maintained once installed.


Feasibility Studies & Masterplanning

Agreeing on the correct strategy from the outset provides clarity and robustness of design. For a project in appraisal or concept stage, a feasibility report can be a vital aid to identify options and support the production of a cost plan.

We are well versed in this staged approach and will provide presentation information, including future potential capital and maintenance audits for a clear understanding. When proposing design options for consideration, it is often the case that early space planning and programming information is required; we believe that it is key to provide accurate information, at the right time, to enable best decision making.


 We often provide a summary of client responsibilities in relation to the building and its services. This includes a Due Diligence report scheduling the building services, conditions and future expectations, including for information such as current limitations, future running costs, upgrades and associated grants. These Due Diligence reports aid in potential acquisitions, tenant agreements or lease holder discussions.


Lighting Design

Illuminating designs can create the right ambiance for any environment. At Pi, our lighting design consultancy team provide you with the suited solution, whether natural, artificial, internal or external.

When considering the design, we always assess the feel, activity, and the style of the space.

It is usually the aesthetics of a space or building which is a key element of the lighting design and as such often creates a client or architect driven team, who require our specialist input.


We understand the importance of ascertaining the correct lighting levels to suit each unique environment, considering all elements of the space from finishes and textures, to the mood or feel, ensuring that control complexity is equally understood and appreciated by the end users.

Our experience in residential and commercial lighting design, stretches from traditional and contemporary residential designs, including alternate lighting scenes, through to office space/foyer and fully automated lighting schemes for larger projects.


Low Carbon Reports

The Pi team are accredited to offer independent, professional advice, in respect of Low carbon and sustainable options, from simple to the most complex of buildings.

In recent years, Pi Consult has invested in the inclusion of Dynamic Simulation Modelling software and training, making it one of the few Kent based practices to be qualified in offering Non-Domestic Level 3, 4 and 5 energy assessments and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s).


We assess a building’s potential in respect of carbon reduction and building services upgrades, providing guidance on the most viable and suitable systems, along with supporting information such as expected capital cost, payback and where necessary potential net present value of the systems in the future.

Buildings are considered from both a passive an active approach and suggestions to the design team are presented, complete with relevant factual data.


Surveys & Audits

We assess building systems, their condition and their operational ability in accurate detail, giving clear and concise building services auditing reports, tabling information in “lay-terms”.

Our clients gain useful information of existing systems by scheduling of equipment or condition surveys, for acquisition purposes and full intrusive inspections for dilapidation/inventory reports, to asset surveys and economic life cycle/costing reports to aid capital spending.



We provide surveys identifying the causes of performance issues and suggest a cure or solution, along with a summary of cost effective and low carbon options. We play a key role in guiding clients in matters of energy efficiency and payback options for their assets.

In line with legislation, provision of information is necessary and key to the good operation of building systems. We give clear, logically divided and detailed Operation & Maintenance manuals.