Feasibility Studies & Masterplanning

Agreeing the correct strategy from the outset provides clarity and robustness through a design.

For a project in appraisal or concept stage, a feasibility report can be an indispensable aid to a client to identify options for discussion and support the production of a cost plan. We are well versed in this staged approach and able to provide presentation information, including future potential capital & maintenance audits for a clear understanding.

When proposing design options for consideration, it is often the case that early space planning and programming information is required; we believe that it is key to providing the correct information at the right time to enable the client to make the right decision.

We are often requested to provide a summary the client responsibilities in relation to the building and its services. This we do by providing a Due Diligence report simply scheduling the building services, conditions and future expectations including for such information as current limitations, future running costs, upgrades and associated grants. These Due Diligence reports can aid in potential acquisitions, tenant agreements or lease holder discussion in attaining a better environment or negotiate settlements.