Instructed by Pellings on behalf of the London Borough of Camden, Pi Consult is supporting the exciting new upgrade and refurbishment works at the Homes Road Depot building, a multi-purpose council facility in Kentish Town.

This refurbishment to 90% of the building, includes the reconfiguration of office spaces and total refurbishment of all areas. This includes M&E plant replacement and enhancement to maximise energy efficiency for the building and generally improve building services.

Pi has provided the full stage 3 & 4 MEP design for the entire complex, including a new sub-station, water main upgrades, and associated system modifications to ensure continued regulatory compliance.

The energy efficiency works also include the installation of new inverter-driven heat pumps, and the provision of a large scale 160sqm roof-mounted PV (photovoltaic) solar panel array, providing the building with ‘free’ hot water and 17,500 kWh of clean energy per year.

The energy upgrade design has achieved 70% of available BREEAM ENE01 credits – equivalent to an energy score of ‘Outstanding’. This has led to a reduction in carbon emissions of circa 52% overall, significantly above the Borough’s original target of 35%.